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Job Schmob

Website: www.JobSchmob.com
Platform: Perl, MySQL
Client: JobSchmob.com
Project Tags: Design , Development

JobSchmob.com needed a lot! It needed functionality to upload pictures, to insert user stories (both anonymous and registered) and to accommodate blogger and advice column articles and commentary. Additionally, it needed automated jobs to create RSS feeds and code to read in external RSS feeds. Most importantly, it needed community functionality built from scratch, including user registration, security, user profiles and commenting.

Down the road, Hulaweb added a private message system so that the registered users could send messages to each other without using an e-mail system. It has been reported to us that the users love this feature and regularly use it.

In a later update to the site, we added customized blogger functionality to accommodate multiple bloggers who needed to post their regular columns on the site without workflow. The functionality needed to include a rich text WYSIWYG editor that could handle images, URL links and special formatting. The bloggers also needed to be able to return, log in and edit their posts at any time. We worked with the site and added all the necessary functionality and then some!

This was a long and challenging project that came out exceptionally well!